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“This is an alternate 1999. It is the future that never was... The future that will never be... A future that exists only in dreams caught on VHS!"

"VHS Dreams" is a project by UK-based electronic music artist George Dervenagas. Drawing inspiration from 80's and 90's music, VHS Dreams’ style combines the sounds that shaped past decades up to the turn of the millennium to create an energetic mix of euphoric sounds and breakbeats. His albums reached #1 on Bandcamp’s charts, and many of his tracks topped the charts on iTunes, Deezer and Apple Music. VHS Dreams' music has been a popular choice for streamers such as Dr. Disrespect and xQc.

Starting out in 2014, VHS Dreams independently built an impressive following. His blend of familiar and new sounds, combined with an ability to mix a wide array of styles resulted in a diverse repertoire that crossed over many indie scenes. After his debut album established him as a Vaporwave wunderkind, VHS Dreams surprised his fans by following up with “Trans Am”, a dance-oriented tribute to the 80’s club scene. Its singles, “Nightdrive” and “R.E.D.M”, gathered more than 20M lifetime streams.

VHS Dreams yet again expanded his stylistic trademark with his 3rd album in 2018. “Lost World”, an ode to 90’s Ambient House, cemented his reputation as a versatile artist.

After setting the remaining vinyl copies of his most successful album on fire (while broadcasting the event on social media) VHS Dreams released his 4th album “FIRE” in 2023.

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